Robohorn Successfully participated in the 2023 Asian Logistics Biennale!

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The Robohorn automatic unloading robot made its debut at the 2023 Asian Logistics Biennale, and the innovative highlight of the company's self-developed last meter unmanned loading and unloading solution has attracted much attention! As one of the winners of the Smart Logistics Technology Award, Shenzhen Robohorn Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition and appeared in the TOP50 special exhibition area.

The 2023 Asia Logistics Biennial Exhibition, which has attracted industry attention, was successfully held from June 14 to 16, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The three-day exhibition set a record and attracted 30197 professional visitors. Shenzhen Robohorn Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., located in booth 166-A of N1 Pavilion, attracted many professionals due to its innovative unmanned loading and unloading scheme, and received the attention and interview reports of local TV media reporters. Robohorn Intelligent made its first appearance at the three-day Asia Logistics Exhibition, which was a complete success!


The "Top 50 Smart Logistics Awards" jointly initiated by the Secretariat of the "Lujiazui Industrial Finance Forum" and the organizer of the "Asia Logistics Biennale" Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Focusing on the trend of digital logistics development, we will explore logistics role models from five dimensions: technological innovation, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, green development, corporate capital, and brand influence. We will select annual representative enterprises in various categories of the logistics industry to recognize the outstanding contributions of award-winning enterprises, encourage more colleagues to invest in digital transformation, and promote the integrated development of logistics and transportation industries.

After two months of intense competition, a multi-dimensional evaluation by a comprehensive expert panel and online voting, the 2023 "Top 50 Smart Logistics Award" winning enterprise has been announced with great weight! Shenzhen Robohorn Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. stood out from 100 shortlisted brands and won the "Smart Logistics Technology Award"& Nbsp; Also invited to attend the "Top 50 Smart Logistics Awards" ceremony at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai on June 15th!



Shenzhen Robohorn Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative company that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. The company mainly focuses on the continuous research and innovation of intelligent loading and unloading robots, unmanned loading and unloading equipment, industrial visual positioning software and hardware systems, and other products. It is committed to completely solving the last mile logistics automation from warehousing to transportation, in order to achieve "machine replacement" empowering the smart logistics industry and sharing the achievements of Chinese technology with the world logistics industry!

Company vision: To become a leading brand of unmanned loading and unloading intelligent equipment in the industry, leading the automation of unmanned loading and unloading!


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